HTLT Partners with SSI, Offers New Routing Solutions

HTLT Technologies announced this week it has partnered with Software Synergy Inc. (SSI) to combine the SSI Universal Routing Solution with the HTLT NetPlan Product Suite, creating a complete solution for the best cost routing of domestic and international traffic. The combined HTLT/SSI solution completes the feedback loop, the companies say. A service providers actual […]

Buckeye Chooses Concretio TRS Provisioning Portfolio

Concretio Inc. (Booth 220) announced at the CompTel/ASCENT Convention & Expo that Buckeye TeleSystem Inc. is implementing Concretios TRS provisioning products. In conjunction with its sister company, Buckeye CableSystem, Buckeye will deploy the Concretio technology to facilitate its launch of IP residential phone service in the SBC and Verizon North territories. TRS is an OSS […]

What Was I Thinking?

As 2004 comes to a close, it’s time for some obligatory reflection on the past 12 months. No doubt it’s been a rough one for the competitive telecom industry. This month, it awaits final rules from the FCC on how to conduct itself. Meanwhile, a gulf remains between incumbents and competitors, which rivals the gap […]

Serial Switching Substitute

As CLEC-ILEC relations become further strained amid regulatory uncertainty, various proposals and offerings are emerging to help wean CLECs off ILEC facilities. The latest one is a neutral platform for intercarrier tandem traffic. The offer comes from startup Neutral Tandem. The company has been operating behind the scenes since February and is taking the covers […]

The Bell Sell

Although they are the only Baby Bells remaining, BellSouth Corp., SBC Communications Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. represent a hefty portion of local service revenues. With long-distance re-entry and blossoming DSL and business services revenue, the incumbents still dominate the communications landscape, despite the efforts of competitors, regulatory bodies and industry […]

So,You Want to Tackle UNE-P Resale?

Posted: 3/2004 So,You Want to Tackle UNE-P Resale? Here are Six Key Strategies in the Playbook By Edward J. Finegold Local resale never has been easy. Unbundling regulations have been hotly contested throughout the deregulatory era. Wholesale-retail relationships among ILECs and CLECs can be openly hostile. Bureaucratic trappings encumber service ordering and restrain the fulfillment […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: Prepaid Changes Equation for Local Resale

Posted: 3/2003 Prepaid Changes Equation for Local Resale By Khali Henderson Prepayment can change the entire business case for a local service reseller. CLECs can deal with the skimpy 15-20 percent resale discount on ILEC services by targeting a credit-challenged consumer with a premium service. UNE-P based CLECs stand to make even more on average. […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: How the Rest Was Won

Posted: 3/2003 How the Rest Was Won Agents Stick by CLECs Despite Rough Ride By Tara Seals Consolidation. Bell long-distance re-entry. The use of facilities vs. the unbundled network element-platform (UNE-P). These and other threats have made the open range of competition a dangerous place to roam. But some CLECs have conquered the frontier and […]

ASCENT: Concretio Rolls Out ‘Proactive Provisioning Tool’

Concretio (Booth 402), an IT solutions firm that provides local provisioning for UNE-P and resale nationwide with gateways, has rolled out its latest module called TRS Watchdog. The Watchdog ties into the customer’s e-mail system and alerts users of the status of pending orders that are in the provisioning process with the incumbent LEC. "Over […]


Posted: 06/2002 MARGIN MAKERS VS. MARGIN BREAKERS A Rational Approach to Target Marketing Under UNE-P By Carey Roesel and Craig Neeld THE UNBUNDLED NETWORK elements platform (UNE-P) has been characterized as resale with twice the margin. If this is true, does it ever make sense to pursue pure resale? Are the strategies any different between […]

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