An Open and Competitive IP Future Is Best

Larger ILECs’ ability to charge rates deemed as “commercially fair” or “competitive” is causing a fair amount of uncertainty in the market, and carriers want the FCC to step in and develop rules that protect access to the last mile or interconnections.

The Evolving SIP Trunk

Our industry spends so much time reminding people about the ability to save up to X percent that it tends to forget to mention the other benefits of having a SIP trunk.

The ILECs and NTCA 2012

ILECs, affected by the latest FCC reforms on funding and transit rules more than most of us are aware, must develop business plans that address the technological changes that IP communication affords them.

ILECs Slowly Embrace SIP

ILECs are slowly coming around to SIP trunking, albeit primarily an offering to larger midsize and enterprise customers.

Do You Want SIP Trunks With That?

SIP facilitates the concept of anywhere, anytime on any device. It is through the integration of multiple choices for broadband, devices and applications that Presence can be delivered to internal participants and other members of the business ecosystem.

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