Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Traditionally, subscriber fraud has been defined as the problem of subscribers signing up for service they have no intention of paying for. But this seemingly simple (and credit-shattering) practice has ballooned into a delicate cat-and-mouse game of identity theft, illegal businesses, tax evasion and even money laundering. Fortunately, providers do have ways to […]

Securing VoIP Relative to Number Mapping

During todays session Top Technologies for VoIP Security & Number Mapping, panelists will discuss the future of VoIP security and number mapping as well as what are the necessary regulations to ensure network and user security while enhancing VoIP growth and further integration in the marketplace. Panelist Tom Kershaw, vice president of Next Generation Networks […]

Eureka/InfoHighway Chooses New Name, Logo

Five months after merging, Eureka/InfoHighway, one of the largest competitive carriers in the Northeast, said today it will go by the name of InfoHighway Communications. “We considered several important factors in making a selection for our new brand, including the number of existing customers and the coverage areas of the two companies,” said Raul Martynek, […]

Verizon Wholesale Seeks Own Identity

This fall, Verizon Wholesale Markets began its first trade press tour to deliver the simple message that it is a distinct entity from its retail parent, Verizon Communications Inc., and that it is committed to supporting its wholesale customers, which include mobile operators, PTTs, ISPs and even cablecos, CLECs and, soon, next-gen service providers. David […]

Brand-New: Sprint, Nextel Reveal Details

Sprint Corp. and Nextel Communications Inc. today announced that, upon the completion of their merger, expected in the third quarter, the combined company will be known as Sprint, with the Nextel name continuing as a key product brand. The decision affects the corporations go-to-market identity. Officially, Sprint Nextel Corp. will serve as the corporate name. […]

Identity Crisis

Posted: 03/2000 Driven by regulation, emerging competition and strong bandwidth demand, U.S. long-distance carriers have significantly expanded their fiber optic networks over the past three years. As carriers complete national networks in 2001, building will shift to metro, local and last mile. Miles To Go Fiber Build Boooms – But for How Long? By Neil […]

Identity Crisis

Posted: 03/2000 Identity Crisis Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende In the telecom world, perhaps more than any other, a company’s regulatory status may be determined as much by how the company describes itself as by how it operates. Providers of voice-grade services often are regulated, while providers of "enhanced […]

What Brand Are You Wearing?

Posted: 01/1999 What Brand Are You Wearing? By Ken Branson Juliet, it turns out, asked the wrong question. Illustration by Ben Folkertsma A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but for businesses in a rapidly changing, tightening market, the real question is: Would lovers buy a rose by any other name? Would […]

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