identity theft


ID Scam Costs AT&T, T-Mobile $8 Million

The suspect, arrested this week, would gather birthdates, social security numbers anything that would help him initiate accounts with T-Mobile and AT&T.

New Siemens Offerings Provide UC Security

Siemens Enterprise Communications has enhanced its OpenScale Services and solutions portfolio to help businesses improve the security of their UC solutions, releasing offerings in these four areas: Business Continuity, Compliance, Identity and Privacy, Threat Mitigation and Data Security. Siemens business continuity services can help build policies and plans to ensure that these concerns are addressed […]

Expect No Mercy

Posted: 09/1998 Expect No Mercy Subscription Fraudsters Are Formidable Foes By Mario McCash Subscription fraudsters come in all types, and prey upon service providers eager to welcome new customers in a highly competitive market. What’s your secret weapon? One of the most pernicious of all telecommunications fraud is subscription fraud, whereby the subscriber has no […]

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