Sprint To Shut Down iDEN Network

Sprint said it will send written notices to business and government customers beginning June 1 in connection with the planned network shutdown.

Sprint Beams Up to Enterprise with Flat Rate

When Sprint-Nextel Corp. officially said last fall that it would hang onto its iDEN network, it also said it would take steps to “rejuvenate” the asset. That seems to be coming to fruition now with the launch of flat-rate unlimited plans for enterprises, delivered on, you guessed it, the iDEN nework. The idea is to […]

Breaking: Sprint Not, Repeat NOT Selling iDEN

Sprint-Nextel Corp. on Thursday laid to rest rumors that stretch back more than a year, saying once and for all that it will NOT be selling its push-to-talk iDEN network, which it acquired in what’s become known as “The Deal from Hell,” its 2005 purchase of Nextel. The news comes just scant weeks since CEO […]

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