Back Office Links

Posted: 2/2002 BACK OFFICE  Back Office Links BizTelOne www.biztelone.comCIMA Telecom Inc. www.interdata.netCIMCO Communications Inc. www.cimco.netConvergys Corp. www.convergys.comDSET Corporation www.dset.comEUR Systems www.eursystems.comFrance Telecom www.francetelecom.comHewlett-Packard Co. www.hp.comHighDeal Inc. www.highdeal.comIDC www.IDC.comIlluminet www.illuminet.comIntec Telecom Systems www.intec-telecom-systems.comNeuStar Inc. Corp. www.peoplesoft.comSprint Corp. www.sprint.comTelecom PARTNERS SA Telution Inc. Verizon Communications Inc.  

PHONE+ Collaborate Links

Posted: 2/2002 PHONE+ Collaborate Links ACT Teleconferencing Inc. www.acttel.comCommunication Management Services www.cmstelcom.comFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGenesys Conferencing www.genesys.comGentner Conferencing www.gentner.comIDC www.idc.comInterAct Conferencing www.interactconferencing.comMeetU www.meetu.comNetwork IP www.networkip.netPremiere Conferencing www.premconf.comRaindance Communications Inc. www.raindance.comSonexis

E-Channel – News Briefs

Posted: 12/2001 E-Channel News Briefs *, a portal that allows consumers and small businesses to compare and select an Internet service provider, has added RCN Cable and Time Warner-Indianapolis to its list of ISP partners. A division of Indiana-based Telamon Corp.(, ibuybroadband recently signed ISP agreements with Comcast-Indianapolis, DirecTV DSL, Earthlink and Qwest Communications International […]

Special Report Links

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections   Special Report Links Allegiance Telecom Inc. www.algx.comAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research www.aei.orgAmerican Tower Corp. www.americantower.comCompetitive Enterprise Institute www.cei.orgAT&T Corp. www.att.comBand-X Ltd. Group www.thebeacongroup.comBroadwing Communications Inc. www.broadwing.comCogent Communications Inc. www.cogentco.comCompaq Computer Corp. www.compaq.comCTC Communications Corp. www.ctcnet.comData Storage Corp. www.stortek.comDynegy Inc. www.dynegy.comEssengent www.essengent.comEverest Broadband Networks www.everestbroadband.comExodus […]

Wholesale Channel Links

Posted: 11/2001 Wholesale Channel Links   Wholesale Channel Links 3R Soft Inc. www.3rsoft.comAccess One Inc. www.accessoneinc.comAlaska Native Wireless LLC www.attws.comAmeritech Corp. www.ameritech.comATLANTIC-ACM www.atlantic-acm.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comCapRock Communications Corp. www.caprock.comCisco Systems Inc. Data Corp. Ltd. www.idc.comEasyLink Services Corp. www.easylink.comElectric Mail Company Inc. www.electricmail.comFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGartner Inc. www.gartner.comJamcracker Enterprise Inc. www.jamecracker.comIDC www.idc.comLightyear Communications […]

Wholesale Channel: Briefs

Posted: 11/2001 Wholesale Briefs * eLEC Communications Corp. (, an integrated communications provider to small and medium-sized business customers, has entered into a wholesale agreement with National Tele-phone Exchange to provide eLEC’s local telephone services to NTE’s customers. NTE CEO Roger Ness anticipates 3,000 local lines would be added to eLEC’s platform this fall. * […]

Three-Way Fight

Posted: 09/2001 Three-Way Fight IXCs, ILECs, Cablecos Dig In on Local Ground By Kim Sunderland Verizon Communications Inc. has offered up to a $10,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of culprits responsible for thefts and vandalism of the company’s telephone cable in Southern California.Bummer man. Like, who would do […]

E-Channel: Today’s e-Merchants Must Change with Online Demographics

Posted: 10/2000 Today’s e-Merchants Must Change with Online Demographics Because the demographics of the people using e-commerce services are changing, online merchants who don’t adjust their business models to accommodate the changes are risking their profitability, according to IDC’s ( Internet Commerce Market Model.IDC predicts that 103 million new users in the United States will […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 04/2000 Overheard … … at January’s Pacific Telecommunica-tions Council (PTC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. “I’ve seen certain phrases find their way into papers, like ‘the permanent nature of demand.’ As an economist, that drives me crazy. Is there an ability to overbuild? Oh, yes, indeed! It is not a God-given right that demand for bandwidth […]

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