E-M@il A-Go-Go

E-MAIL ON THE GO HAS BEEN a relatively untapped market, but the availability of new data-capable mobile devices and convenient applications for the enterprise may change that. The IDC envisions a competitive market of vendors battling for dominance within the mobile enterprise, sparking widespread demand. The analyst firm expects shipments of converged mobile devices to […]

SMBs Send Security SOS

The proliferation of worms, viruses, phishing, pharming and assorted other scams is requiring organizations to focus more resources on combating these threats. This is especially true among small and medium businesses (SMBs), those with 500 or fewer employees, that have lagged traditionally in security spending. But that is changing rapidly and has the potential to […]

Vertical Markets: Partners to Profit from Booming Demand

Solutions providers are making great strides into vertical markets, including finance, education, health care and public agencies. This focus on specialized industries comes at the right time one analyst firm says IT spending by these segments alone in the United States will reach $416 billion in 2005. Research firm IDC expects spending on worldwide IT […]

Play by Play: The Cable Modem/DSL Showdown Continues

Cable modem versus DSL for those watching the cableco-RBOC death match, a critical prong of the triple play competition isnt yielding a clear winner. While cable trails worldwide, here in the United States, its ahead. That gap however is closing and DSL is edging closer to the lead. But even so, it looks like cable […]

Mobile Data: Prepaids Next

Posted: 3/2004 Mobile Data: Prepaids Next Move By Mark Denton As mobile voice services continue to mature, most service providers are finding slowing market growth, requiring that they implement new services to maintain revenue. Prepaid data services are one market segment that provides immediate revenue opportunities. While the ideal subscriber is on a monthly postpaid […]

RiverRock Systems Migrates Billing, Customer Care Solution to Microsoft .NET

OSS vendor RiverRock Systems Ltd. (Booth 832) announced the migration of its RADIX IDC Billing and Customer Care suite to the Microsoft’s .NET platform. At RiverRock, a core mission is to build, enhance and support the most advanced billing and customer care solutions necessary for our customers’ success. Moving to Microsoft .NET is a natural […]

Capacity for Change?

Posted: 2/2004 Capacity for Change? Will Reorganized Global Crossing Heighten Wholesale Pricing War? By Josh Long Global Crossing Ltd. has emerged from bankruptcy with its worldwide network intact (see story below) nearly two years after collapsing under $12.4 billion in debt. As with others before, the companys new unencumbered status has insiders wondering if Global […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: INDUSTRY NEWS

Posted: 3/2003 INDUSTRY NEWS Wireless Threatens Growth For U.S. Prepaid Calling Cards Highly competitive wireless calling plans and the convenience of mobile phones are having a negative impact on the U.S. prepaid long-distance calling card market, reports research firm IDC. Wireless service now can compete effectively with prepaid long distance in the areas of convenience […]

Homeland Security Act

Posted: 1/2003 special report To Serve & Protect Homeland Security Act: How Will Telecom Benefit? By Josh Long The new Homeland Security Act as well as heightened awareness of potential physical and cyber vulnerabilities are creating both obligations and opportunities for telecom service providers, their vendors and channel partners. TWENTY-TWO FEDERAL AGENCIES comprising 170,000 employees […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Diamond in the Rough

Posted: 10/2002 Diamond in the Rough Web Hosting Remains a Lucrative Sale Despite Shakeout By Tara Seals YOU’VE READ THE HEADLINES, shook your head in resignation over the demise of the latest IP service provider and hoped your Web site is still up come morning. But many say the high-profile bankruptcies and consolidation in the […]

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