If You Can’t Build It, Buy It … Or Borrow It

Posted: 04/1999 If You Can’t Build It, Buy It … Or Borrow It By Ken Branson ‘We just want the damn network’ and other telco Internet entry strategies. What is a telecommunications service provider to do about the Internet? Some are buying Internet service providers (ISPs) or courting them as customers. All are struggling to […]

Integrated Access –A Sleeper?

Posted: 04/1999 Integrated Access –A Sleeper? By Gail Lawyer and Khali Henderson Digital subscriber line (DSL) is being billed as the technology that will help lower telecommunications costs for small and mid-sized businesses, while increasing the speeds with which they can send and receive data transmissions. But there’s another technology that some in the industry […]

An Alliance of a Different Color

Posted: 02/1999 An Alliance of a Different Color By Jennifer Knapp Take one billing provider, one switch manufacturer and 30 small switchless resellers, bring them together and what do you have? The TelecomAlliance. This union, however, is clearly a horse of a different color in the telecommunications alliance corral. Unlike its predecessors–The Telecom Buying Alliance […]


PLAYERS DATE TRANSACTION STATUS SBC Communications Inc., Southern New England Telecommunications Corp. (SNET) Jan. 5 Merger agreement valued at $4.4 billion. Completed as of Oct 15. ICG Netcom, C3 Communications Inc. Oct.8 ICG Netcom will purchase 100 percent of C3’s interests in ChoiceCom. Expected to close in 1999, pending regulatory approvals. UniDial Communications Inc., Metracom […]

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