Evo Shortage Slowing Sprint’s 4G Uptick

Sprint is betting a big chunk of its future on 4G and its new Evo smartphone, manufactured by HTC, but the carrier now is struggling to keep up with demand.

Verizon Plans Slate of New Phones

Verizons new slate of mobile devices, which will also include tablet computers, will reach the market sooner than previous estimates of mid-2011.

HP Saves Palm for $1.2B

Chalk up April 28, 2010, as the ending and beginning of Palm Inc. (PALM): The long-struggling smartphone maker has found a buyer. Thus, the bell tolls for the inventor of the personal device assistant; and yet, the deal resurrects the developer of the well-regarded WebOS platform. The news comes after weeks of rumors that Palm would […]

No Google Nexus One for Verizon, Vodafone a Go

Verizon Wireless and Vodafone plc were supposed to become network partners for the Google Nexus One Android smartphone this spring, but it seems that Verizon will not, after all, join up with that part of the ‘droid army. In its Nexus One blog on Monday announcing that Vodafone support is imminent, Google Inc. noted: “In […]

Palm Rumor du Jour: Motorola, Nokia Also Possible Buyers

Ever since Reuters reported that Palm Inc. (PALM) is trying to sell to a stronger company, the names of possible buyers have been flinging around. The first two companies to come up were those of HTC, a cell phone maker, and Lenovo, a computer manufacturer. But now, investment bank Morgan Stanley says Motorola Inc. (MOT) or Nokia (NOK) […]

Palm Shares Like Talk of HTC or Lenovo Buyout

Shares of Palm Inc. (PALM) had jumped almost 12 percent by 3 p.m. Eastern on talk that the Pre and Pixi maker could be bought out by rival HTC or even computer manufacturer Lenovo. Palm stock was going for $5.20, up 11.83 percent. The 52-week high stands at $18.09. Palm’s fortunes have plummeted in the face […]

Sprint Plans First WiMAX Handset in First Half

Sprint-Nextel Corp. will release a WiMAX-capable handset – the first in the wild in the United States – in the first half of the year. The WiMAX handset has been rumored since before CES in January, reportedly to be a touchscreen Google Android device, possibly dubbed the “Supersonic,” designed by HTC. Very few details are […]

Google Phone to Compete Against Android?

Google Inc. is kind of like kudzu, when you think about it. It might be poised to take over every inch of the landscape, but it’s doing it organically and in places you never thought you’d see it. The latest rumor of Google’s plans for world domination comes in the form of the Google Phone, […]

AT&T Delays or Cancels First Android Phone?

AT&T Inc. was scheduled to launch its first Android-based mobile device in the third quarter, but manufacturer HTC reportedly says the launch will be delayed or cancelled. Citing industry sources, Taiwan industry wire DigiTimes reports that HTC is having trouble customizing the device for the AT&T network. The model, the HTC Lancaster, has not yet […]

Verizon Wireless Adds Touch Diamond to Arsenal

Following on Sprint’s version of the HTC Touch Diamond, Verizon Wireless has now debuted its iteration, priced at $369.99 with a two-year service agreement. Of course, even with a $70 rebate, it’s still a little pricey. The Touch Diamond features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, visual voice mail, GPS and many other cool […]

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