Dual-Mode Router Said to Work in 40+ Countries

There’s good news for companies using wireless broadband through different mobile operators worldwide. Top Global USA Inc. on Tuesday introduced its dual mode router that accommodates the EVDO Rev.A and HSUPA protocols. The company sells to vertical markets through channel partners. Carriers including Verizon Communications Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp. and Alltel use EVDO Rev.A to […]

AT&T to Complete HSPA Transition, Expands 3G Plans

AT&T Inc. will complete its wireless network upgrade to High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) by the middle of 2008, it said Wednesday. The upgrade will make for consistent 3G network uplink speeds of 600kbps and 1,400kbps, and uplink speeds ranging from 500kbps to 800kbps. The upgrade is part of the companys wireless expansion plans, […]

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