Speedy AT&T LTE Network Revealed

Most industry insiders expect if the iPhone 5 debuts late this summer or early fall, it still wont be 4G-ready. Not good news since Verizon and now AT&T can offer super speeds for Android devices.

Report: Mobile Broadband Investment to Hit $72 Billion

Wireless carriers will spend as much as $72 billion to roll out mobile broadband infrastructure and services in 2010, the GSM Association said. Citing figures from Deutsche Bank, the GSMA said that broadband offerings will consume over half of all operator investment in mobile and wireless infrastructure, including 80 percent in North America. “Asia Pacific […]

AT&T 3G Buildout Almost Done as RCA Decries Handset Exclusivity

AT&T Inc. soon will complete its 3G network upgrade to HSPA, the first operator in the United States to do so. The announcement comes as AT&T, conveniently, plans the June release of the AT&T-exclusive 3G Apple iPhone, the very sort of arrangement the Rural Cellular Association (RCA) is decrying. The RCA, which represents dozens of […]

AT&T to Complete HSPA Transition, Expands 3G Plans

AT&T Inc. will complete its wireless network upgrade to High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) by the middle of 2008, it said Wednesday. The upgrade will make for consistent 3G network uplink speeds of 600kbps and 1,400kbps, and uplink speeds ranging from 500kbps to 800kbps. The upgrade is part of the companys wireless expansion plans, […]

New Products

Awesome Applications Check out these iPhone applications and wireless debuts. loopt Social Mapping Service Launches on Sprint Wireless Network loopt announced its social mapping service is now available to Sprint customers nationwide. loopt uses the GPS capabilities on select Sprint phones to locate and connect with friends. Users can share their locations, send proximity-based messages, […]

Ericsson Touts HSPA

At a 3GSM World Congress press conference, Ericsson President and CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg said that when Australian operator Telstra launches the worlds first 200 kilometer-range commercial mobile broadband network launches later this week with network downlink speeds of 14.4mbps, high-speed packet access (HSPA) will truly assume its place as the preferred wireless technology for wireless […]

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