Business News – T-Rex Stalks Hartford (Relax, It’s Only a Telecom Hotel)

Posted: 07/2000 T-Rex Stalks Hartford (Relax, It’s Only a Telecom Hotel) By Ken Branson Terremark Worldwide Inc. ( has purchased three insurance company buildings in Hartford, Conn., with plans to turn the 140,000 square feet of space into a T-Rex telecom hotel.Telecom Routing Exchange Developers Inc. (, also known as T-Rex, will develop and manage […]

Carrier Hotels Turn "Telco Concierge"

Posted: 02/2000 Carrier Hotels Turn "Telco Concierge" By Ken Branson When CO Space Inc. ( announced late last year four venture capital companies have provided it $28 million to fund its expansion, it marked a new phase in the evolution of telco hotels–places where telecom and other carriers lease space for their equipment, or even […]

Drive-Thru Communications

Posted: 10/1999 Drive-Thru Communications Visitor-Based Networks Satisfy Travelers’ Appetite for Advanced Services By James R. Dukart Travelers are demanding high-speed access to the Internet from hotels, convention centers and airports. Software vendors, carriers and hosts are answering the call by building high-speed, publicly accessible visitor-based networks. In one way at least, guests checking in to […]

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