News Briefs

PAETEC Communications Inc., a CLEC serving customers in 27 U.S. markets, announced a wholesale package for resellers migrating their customers from UNE-P. The package combines special access with integrated services, including integrated T1s, e-mail scanning, conference calling, MPLS and quality of service. In addition, the company provides a loop-quote tool and WebFront online customer service […]

Free Users from Hosting’s Ball & Chain

Residual commissions from Internet bandwidth and voice continue to decline, despite a steady, if not growing, amount of usage those services experience, prompting telecom agents to look to additional income opportunities. One answer is to sell Web hosting. A company needs Web hosting when it has too small a staff to oversee its Web site […]

C’mon, Get ‘Appy

The Web-hosting market is back after a long hiatus, but with a new act: It’s joining with applications and business services, making the space a bit more profitable for resellers willing to bundle Web presence with applications like e-mail and online transaction engines, or hosted software applications like enterprise resource planning. Unlike the Partridges, this […]

ITC^DeltaCom Adds Colo, Managed IT

ITC^DeltaCom Inc. (Booths 116-118) has announced it is expanding its dealer services program to include colocation and managed IT services from e^deltacom. All of ITC^DeltaComs existing agents are part of the dealer services program. ITC^DeltaCom dealers can offer customers a range of data services, including colocation and hosting, hosted exchange, managed storage, streaming media and […]

Venicom Partners with T-Mobile

Venicom (Booth 418) has partnered with T-Mobile (Booth 415) to launch a new fulfillment program. Now, subagents across the country can join Venicom to represent T-Mobile business-to-business solutions to customers. Under the fulfillment model, T-Mobile will warehouse, activate and ship handsets to all of its agents’ clients. According to Venicom’s Web site, the company "acts […]

Behind the Curtain

Posted: 10/2003 Behind the Curtain Web Hosters Launch, Expand Reseller Programs By Khali Henderson The Web hosting business is not as easy as it sounds. Witness the ongoing consolidation and recent exoduses of large carriers from the space. This doesnt mean Internet and telecom companies necessarily must write off adding Web hosting to their portfolios […]

Soap Box: ISPs Must Back Common Anti-spam Policies, Technologies

Posted: 9/2003 ISPs Must Back Common Anti-spam Policies, Technologies By Laurence S. Donahue, Esq. The wave of disgust over unwanted, unsolicited, offensive and fraudulent e-mail is reaching a fever pitch in the United States as Congress faces pressure from consumer groups and state attorneys general to take a hard-line approach to curbing these annoyances. Americans […]

Squeezing Margins from Web Hosting

Posted: 8/2003 Squeezing Margins from Web Hosting By Khali Henderson While some carriers are getting out of the hosting business, others are moving in and, thanks to new automation technologies, creating a profit center. The topsy-turvy world of Web hosting continued to experience the ups and downs of the past two years right through this […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Diamond in the Rough

Posted: 10/2002 Diamond in the Rough Web Hosting Remains a Lucrative Sale Despite Shakeout By Tara Seals YOU’VE READ THE HEADLINES, shook your head in resignation over the demise of the latest IP service provider and hoped your Web site is still up come morning. But many say the high-profile bankruptcies and consolidation in the […]


Posted: 03/2002 E CHANNEL NEWS BRIEFS * WebIT USA has launched WebHostStreet (, a self-service website designed to provide affordable web hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses. For as low as $5.95 per month, customers get 10mb disk space, 1gb of web traffic, unlimited e-mail, a control panel and lots of other features. Other […]

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