ComTech21 Adds Proprietary VoIP, Boasts Triple-Play Success

ComTech21 (Booth 417) adds proprietary VoIP to its slate of services this quarter. The switchless telecommunications reseller, which is certified and tariffed in all 50 states, also this week is telling its story of exceptional growth during 2004. The company attributes its growth to the resounding success of its Triple Play Program, a substantial increase […]

Pomp & Circuit-stance

Chris Peabody’s boss at Georgetown University used to ask every telecom vendor that came through the door the same question: “How much above free is your service?” Peabody, once director of networks at Georgetown and now director of enterprise services at consultancy L Robert Kimball and Associates, says cost still is a top priority for […]

Round Table

Posted: 7/2003 … ON A NEW LAW IN ILLINOIS ALLOWING SBC COMMUNICATIONS INC. TO CHARGE COMPETITORS HIGHER RATES TO LEASE ITS LOCAL TELEPHONE NETWORK The Illinois legislature and the governor have created a policy that promotes jobs, investment and which benefits consumers. Given that environment, we are taking the extraordinary step of committing to no […]

Collateral Damage

Posted: 4/2003 Collateral Damage Line Sharing Surprising Casualty of FCC Dealmaking By Josh Long Executives at Covad Communications Co. were stunned by the Federal Communications Commission decision to eliminate line-sharing requirements, particularly since two Democrat commissioners apparently phased out the regulations in order to make a compromise in its Triennial Review order governing telephone and […]

Higher Power

Posted: 04/2002 Higher Power Baby Bells Intensify Probe of Inaccurate Reporting By Josh LongCOMPETITORS NEED TO BE CAREFUL how they report the percentage of intrastate long-distance traffic terminating on the incumbent’s network. The Baby Bells may not be the only ones watching.After a 14-month FBI-led investigation, Texas-based NTS Communications has agreed to pay Southwestern Bell […]

Trading Desk – Bang for the Buck: Arbinet Launches Quality Choice Routing

Posted: 12/2001 Trading Desk Bang for the Buck: Arbinet Launches Quality Choice Routing By Tara Seals Comparison shopping is a cornerstone of capitalism. Whether pricing Minute Rice or minutes of voice traffic, the buyer’s goal is the same: Getting the most bang for the buck. Arbinet-thexchange Inc. has made comparison shopping automatic with a twist […]

priceline.com Asks Customers To Name TheirLong Distance Price

Posted: 01/2000 priceline.com Asks Customers To Name Their Long Distance Price By Liz Montalbano Priceline.com (www.priceline.com) customers who have been able to choose their prices for cars, home mortgages and airline tickets soon will be able to add another commodity to their list: international and domestic long distance. A deal announced between priceline.com and Net2Phone […]

The World Is Calling–What Is Your Answer?

Posted: 06/1998 The World Is Calling–What Is Your Answer? A Review of Telecommunications and Higher Education: Issues, Opportunities, and Applications By Dr. James M. Dodson Colleges, universities, and independent schools continue to receive numerous calls related to telecommunications from their constituents–calls for availability, accessibility, no-fault operation, flexibility, universality, affordability and the latest technology. How institutions […]

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