Comporium Business Solutions Deploys Internet Yellow Pages

Based on the growing popularity of the Internet for gathering information, Comporium Business Solutions (Booth 1452) has developed MakeItYellow.com to complement its printed directory services. This electronic online directory is a feature-rich version of the Yellow Pages that targets individual markets. In contrast to the nationwide online directories, these are customized to each community, providing […]

CommPartners Announces Partner Program

CommPartners, which markets VoIP services to telecommunications providers, today announced the start of its channel partner program. CommPartners wants IT providers sell its VoIP products and services to SMBs and enterprises. The first company to sign is VoIP service provider Anexeon Communications. In fact, Anexeon is heading up the program and helped CommPartners develop it. […]

Telecom Heading Down TV, Radio Consolidation Path

Posted: 02/2001 Telecom Heading Down TV, Radio Consolidation Path You can see it coming, and when it does, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., will look like a prophet. For years, as Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, McCain has been critical of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. His aim has been focused at radio, television and […]

Where’s Value Heading?

Posted: 01/1999 Where’s Value Heading? By John T. Mulqueen Summarizing the multibillion-dollar communications venture capital (VC) industry is like asking a blind man to describe an elephant. The beast is too big and has too many unique appendices to be depicted easily. Besides, it is moving all the time. Still, one piece of the giant […]

Are We Heading Toward a Commodity Market?

Posted: 08/1998 Are We Heading Toward a Commodity Market? International Bandwidth Exchanges Symptomatic of Emerging Supply-Demand Equation By Khali Henderson Sean Whelan wants to change the way bandwidth is bought and sold. His service, RateXchange, is a web-based "trading floor" for wholesale international telecom minutes and bandwidth. The goal, he says, is to streamline the […]

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