Skype Goes Big in the Living Room with TelyHD

TelyHD with Skype integration is an all-in-one system that offers HD chat (though picture quality, of course, is impacted by the speed of your Internet connection) and runs on Google’s Android operating system.

Ask Steve: Is There a Home for HDTV at the Office?

When I was 17, I got a phat job at a dry cleaner in the St. Louis suburbs. Making $4.75 an hour, I felt kingly compared to my prior job at McDonald’s where I was making $3.35 an hour plus all the Big Macs I could eat after closing time. At the dry cleaner, we […]

Motorola Demonstrates Technologies for IPTV

Motorola Inc. at TELECOM 05 is demonstrating several new technologies it expects to accelerate the deployment of IPTV-based entertainment services. The products include IPTV over GPON and BPON; high-density optical networks terminals; HDTV; and multistream IP residential gateways. When used with the Motorola AXS2200, the ONT6000 MDU/MTU Optical Network Terminal turns buildings passed by fiber […]

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