Regulatory News – School of Hard Rocks

Posted: 08/2001 Regulatory News School of Hard Rocks States Stuck Between Competitors, Incumbents in Coast-to-Coast Onslaught By Kim Sunderland State regulators find themselves wedged between a rock and hard place as the furor over this year’s Section 271 activity blazes like the roaring August sun.On one side of the regulators are IXCs and other competitive […]

In Search of Supersalesman

Posted: 11/1998 In Search of Supersalesman By Jonathan B. Haller Let’s admit it, folks–no matter how unique the technology, how delightful the marketing, how supreme the financial backing or how efficient the operations, the lifeblood of a company’s ultimate success or failure in the marketplace is its sales force. At the end of the day, […]

Stop the Music!

Posted: 09/1998 Stop the Music! It used to be you could enjoy the Sunday paper with your coffee. If the headlines were jaw-dropping, the worst that could happen was a little soggy newsprint with your eggs and toast. Now, with 24-hour online news, it’s hazardous to health–yours or your computer’s–what with the risk of electrocution, […]

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