TracFone, FCC Handset-Unlocking Deal to Impact Millions

TracFone breached FCC rules by improperly certifying that it would unlock phones for customers who are enrolled in Lifeline, a program that provides discounts to low-income Americans, according to an FCC news release.

Fewer-Than-Expected Subs Dump Sprint for Rivals

AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile didn’t pick up as many new customers from America’s third-largest wireless operator as the so-called experts thought they might in the first quarter.

iPhone 4S So Popular, Rivals Won’t Launch New Phones

As sales of the iPhone 4S remain hot, a new report says Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC are all putting off some of their big new smartphone releases until April or later so as not to compete with Apple so directly.

Verizon Turns BlackBerrys Into TV Remotes

Verizon Communications Inc. is bumping up the value prop for its FiOS residential television service by turning smartphones into remote controls, among other things. Integrating mobile handsets with the TV, including remote control and program navigation, and apps that can run on both, is a prime initiative for the carrier. The remote control function will […]

Motorola Android Phone Specs: High-End!

It looks like the two Motorola Inc. Android-based phones set to launch this fall will be quite iPhone-competing, despite earlier reports that they would be entry-level offerings. Specs published on the “Android and Me” Web site show that a phone for T-Mobile USA, codenamed Morrison, will sport such features as a 5-megapixel camera and a […]

Skype Wants to Stalk You Everywhere

Imagine a world where everywhere you turn, a Skype client is waiting for you to use it. In the wake of the Consumer Electronics Show, the potential for VoIP service provider Skype to become natively embedded in a range of devices, from televisions to wireless devices to laptops to any other connected gadget — just […]

Samsung Claims Top Handset Spot

Move over, Motorola (MOT). Samsung just passed you as the top handset vendor in the U.S. It happened in the third quarter, with Samsung claiming a little more than 22 percent of the market to Motorola’s 21 percent. Industry analysts say Samsung’s been able to successfully deliver a wide range of products, from high-end devices to […]

Best Buy Thinks Outside the Box With Mobile Life Stores

Consumer spending may be flat or declining but Best Buy is hoping to combat that by purpose-building stores to focus on one of the more stable areas in our mixed-up economy: wireless. This week the retailer said it would build Mobile Life Stores, starting in Chicago, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. These will be larger than […]

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