10 Security Blogs You Need to Know

Read Schneier on Security, Krebs on Security, Microsoft’s Troy Hunt,Graham Cluley, Cisco, Kaspersky Labs, Securosis, Bleeping Computer, Securi, the Security Ledger and Security Current to stay head of the game on cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity: Hire Skilled Staff to Win the War

You don’t have to look much beyond the headlines to know that the good guys are having trouble keeping up with the malicious hackers — it’s a war that businesses need to win.

Use Data to Close the Customer Security Gap

In this Report, we take a look at what companies need to do to protect themselves from cybercriminals and how you can help your clients make sure it all gets done correctly.

Sophos Intercept Launches in Beta

Sophos Intercept can be installed and run alongside any competitive endpoint security software, boosting the levels of protection against unknown exploit variants and stealth attacks, the company said.

New Webroot Service Defends the IoT

Webroot says the cybersecurity service is offered to Internet of Things (IoT) gateway partners and developers of IoT solutions to augment real-time protection against malicious threats.

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