Tech Data Partners Get Cisco Cybersecurity Solutions

That includes the latest network security appliances and services from Cisco’s recent Sourcefire acquisition, as well as a broad set of enforcement and remediation options through the Cisco Solutions Group.

#12: AT&T To Settle Lawsuit Over $900K Bill

Originally published in July 2012 as “bill shock” reached its peak: The man probably would be wise to accept AT&T’s offer considering his previous statement that the damages AT&T is seeking could force his company into bankruptcy.

Hackers Take Summers Off Too

Tufin Technologies, a provider of Security Lifecycle Management solutions, has announced the findings of its “Hacker Habits” survey conducted among 79 hackers attending DEFCON 17 in Las Vegas earlier this month. “Enjoy your summer vacation,” said the hacking community, as you’re far less likely to be targeted now than during your Christmas and New Year’s […]

VoIPshield Finds Vulnerabilities in Major Platforms

If your customers use VoIP systems from Avaya, Cisco Systems Inc. or Nortel, they could be susceptible to dozens of security vulnerabilities. On Wednesday, VoIPshield Laboratories, the research division of VoIPshield Systems Inc., said it has discovered more than 100 design or implementation flaws that hackers can exploit. Possible extortion includes service outages, spying on […]

Arbor Security Names iPhone Primary Hacker Target in 2008

Security predictions released today by Arbor Networks reveals that the iPhone will be a major target for cybercriminals in 2008. The forecast also highlights Chinese-specific crime as a major issue for the New Year. Arbor’s Security and Engineering Response Team (ASERT), which has put together the forecasts, believes the iPhone will become the victim of […]

Security: A Cuber’s Paradise

No longer a simple question of adding a firewall to an Internet connection, network security has exploded into a multimillion-dollar market with more variations than a Rubik’s Cube. Solve the puzzle, and you could be on your way to lucrative opportunities. Threats to corporate networks are becoming more sophisticated, and simply installing firewalls and running […]

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