Upbeat Opening Showcases Blurring Business Lines

For the traditional telecom crowd, USTelecoms opening remarks were an exciting multimedia affair set against the backdrop of contemporary music and MTV-style sound bites and images. As Marshall McLuhan would say, the medium is the message. This departure of form is in line with a key theme of the show: business lines are blurring. The […]

Expert Eye For The Channel Guy

Market Race’sMichael Fair PAETEC’sArunas Chesonis PAETEC’sGary Eisenberger Deloitte Consulting’sElizabeth Faber AlignedGrowth Partners’Hedley Lawson Jr. At the Spring 2004 Channel Partners Conference and Expo, PAETEC Communications Inc. CEO Arunas Chesonis led a well-attended Tuesday morning general session titled, “Expert Eye for the Channel Guy,” inspired by the cable TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” […]

Carrier Channel: Qwest Taps Sprint Wireless Network

Posted: 9/2003 Qwest Taps Sprint Wireless Network By Josh Long Qwest Communications International Inc., the fourth largest local phone company, has signed a wholesale agreement with Sprint Corp. to lease its nationwide wireless network. The pact allows Denver-based Qwest to provide wireless voice and data services to residential and business customers across the country. Under […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Wireless Resale Gets Second Look

Posted: 7/2003 Wireless Resale Gets Second Look By Khali Henderson AT&T plans to resell wireless services from none other than AT&T Wireless, the company it spun off in July 2001. Similar moves are being considered by other large carriers and are indicative of a changing view among carriers about network ownership and increasing pressure on […]

ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges

Posted: 1/2002 ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges By Josh Long #1: Homer and Lance Daniels, Plex-net Communications Services Inc.; Pam and Craig Hill, Virtual Back Office Software Inc. #2: Karen Chase and John Huddleston, Qwest Communications International Inc. #3: Bob Jacobs and Troy Baldree, Access Point Inc.; Paul Valenzuela, Call Center […]

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