FCC Gives AT&T Partial Forbearance Relief

The FCC late Thursday night partially granted AT&T Inc.s petition for forbearance from rules governing its commercial broadband services. Perhaps of greatest concern to CLECs is that AT&T can price its commercial broadband services as it sees fit and not share those rates with providers using its networks. The FCC issued a statement just minutes […]

CLECs, COMPTEL Urge FCC to Dismiss Verizon Petition

Several companies and associations are urging the FCC to reject Verizon Communications Inc.s petition for regulatory relief in several of its Northeastern markets. Broadview Networks, Covad Communications Group, NuVox Communications and XO Communications are some of the competitive providers asking the FCC to dismiss Verizons petition. COMPTEL has filed similar comments. Among other arguments, opponents […]

Interlink Granted CLEC Status

The Florida Public Service Commission has approved Interlink Global Corp.s request to receive its CLEC license. Interlink offers international VoIP services and says becoming a CLEC means it can offer local and long-distance services as a carrier, rather than a reseller. The license also means the company can reduce costs on trunk rates from ILECs, […]

Countdown: Bells Gain Ground inLong-Distance War

Posted: 2/2003 Countdown: Bells Gain Ground in Long-Distance War By Josh Long THE LONG-STANDING WAR TO CONQUER long-distance customers is about to climax. The Bells are ready to invade the turf dominated by AT&T Corp., WorldCom Inc. and Sprint Corp. The four Bell operators have been granted federal authorization to provide voice and data long-distance […]

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