Get on the Growth Track With Ethernet

Few network services have the potential to transform business networking like Ethernet. As trusted business advisers, channel partners serving commercial accounts have an emerging opportunity to help their customers transition to Ethernet services over the next few years. To do this effectively and profitably, agents must understand the technology and how to sell it. Todays […]

Changing Gears

Changing Gears The telecom industry has been in transition ever since Alexander Graham Bell first gave us the telephone, said Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks, in a presentation at this springs CTIA conference. But the last few years [have] been simply breathtaking.

Time Warner Telecom Starts Xspedius Channel Integration

Integration of Xspedius Communications LLCs channel partner program with that of Time Warner Telecoms is under way now that Time Warners acquisition of the CLEC is complete, although executives are not able to divulge many details. Through the end of the year, operations will remain business as usual, said Graham Taylor, senior vice president of […]


PISCES (FEB. 19 – MARCH 20) You can lead a Piscean to work, but you cant make him think. Pisces is known as the eternal yes-man a weak-willed follower with unshaken loyalty every corporate recruiters dream hire. If you dont already have this reputation, start working to avoid it. Pisceans usually are concerned more with […]

Collaborative: adds, moves & changes

Posted: 11/2002 industry news Compiled and reported by Khali Henderson and Tara Seals adds, moves & changes * Genesys Conferencing Inc. has shifted its management team around, with new appointments to the positions of group president, COO, chief strategy officer and executive vice presidents. Jim Huzell, formerly group COO, was appointed group president. Kailash Ambwani […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 12/2000 Overheard … … in his keynote address before CompTel in San Francisco … "The time for hype is over. … Customers are feeling that they have a better chance of finding a gold nugget in their backyard than they do of actually having a ‘killer app’ that lives up to its promise." –Richard […]

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