Internet Telephony – Venezuela May Promote Web Through Prepaid Internet

Posted: 06/2000 Venezuela May Promote Web Through Prepaid Internet Venezuela may introduce prepaid cards to allow Internet technology access for low-income families and to bring its population into the cyber age.According to the Defining Presence Marketing Group (, the typical Internet user has an average family income of $60,000. Out of 150 million Internet users, […]

Regulatory News – Bell Atlantic’s OSS Problems Spill Out of N.Y.

Posted:  05/2000 Government Throttles Deceptive Long-Distance Advertising BY KIM SUNDERLAND To the delight of U.S. consumers, deceitful ads are on their way out if the federal government has anything to say about it.And if carriers continue to play this way, they eventually will pay.In new guidelines aimed at promoting truth-in-advertising (including dial-around “10-10” services), a […]

With Friends Like These

Posted: 02/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL With Friends Like These By Ernie Kelly, President, Telecommunications Resellers Association Imagine you are an entrepreneur involved in efforts to open up telecom markets. Your plan is to introduce advanced technological developments and innovative marketing techniques that have been effective in the United States into countries whose markets have never really […]

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