Communications Politics 102

Posted: 11/2000 Communications Politics 102 By Ernie Kelly Tis the season for political contemplation. With that in mind I thought I might try a little tutelage called Communications Politics 102. For this purpose I will don my old "flea-bitten-inside-the-beltway" jacket and get down and dirty with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the […]

Regulatory News – Congress Continues FCC Squeeze

Posted:  09/2000 Congress Continues FCC Squeeze By Kim Sunderland Some members of Congress have continued their assault on the FCC ( in their attempt to curb the commission’s powers by cutting its budget and imposing time limits on its deliberation of telecom industry mergers.This summer, the U.S. House of Representatives ( passed a spending bill […]

Business News – AT&T, MediaOne Complete Merger

Posted: 08/2000 AT&T, MediaOne Complete Merger AT&T Corp. ( and MediaOne Group ( have completed their merger, valued at approximately $44 billion based on AT&T’s closing stock price of $33.50 on June 14.With the addition of MediaOne’s 5 million cable subscribers, AT&T becomes the country’s largest cable operator, with about 16 million customers on the […]

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