Verizon Embraces Google

The network openness hits keep on coming. After making the move to champion open access and migrate its platform to the GSM-based LTE architecture, Verizon Wireless now says it will support the Google Android platform. Linux-based Google Android is an open development platform for mobile devices, and one that Verizon has been holding out in […]

Google Confirms 700MHz Participation

Its official, Google Inc. will bid in the upcoming 700MHz auction, set to begin Jan. 24. The search giant said Friday it will vie for its piece of the former UHF airwaves, which could be used for WiMAX and other broadband wireless technologies down the road. There are 1,099 wireless licenses up for grabs, but […]

Googles Mobile Android Comes to Life

The maw that has become Google Inc. mobile-mania was fed again Monday with the announcement of a Google-sponsored, open-source platform for mobile applications and handset development. The launch of Linux-based Android, which Google and its partners hope will have more life than its name suggests, caps weeks of speculation and leaks about the search companys […]

Android: Its Not the gPhone or a Lot of Other Things

What Google Inc.s new mobile initiative is not is perhaps more notable than what it is, because Mondays announcement ended much of the tantalizing speculation people have had about Googles mobile initiatives. Android is not, for instance, the so-called gPhone, a.k.a. the long-rumored Google-sponsored iPhone-ish handset. Android also is not an iPhone/Mac OS 10-for-mobile competitor, […]

CTIA: In Search Of Mobility

Mobile search and advertising was a hot topic at CTIA, with several new players wading into the fray long dominated by Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Mobile. Notably, JumpTap Inc. was on hand to talk up its white-label platform for operators, and how its poised to take on the big boys. Search and advertising […]

CTIA: Qualcomm Challenges WiMAX with Gobi

Qualcomm Inc. Wednesday quietly announced Gobi, a multimodal chipset that will start popping up in commercial notebooks beginning in the second quarter of 2008. Gobis stated goal? To provide global, ubiquitous mobile Web access across both CDMA2000 EV-DO and GSM-based HSPA networks ¬ two heretofore incompatible technologies. What is left unsaid is the fact that […]

You Will, but Not Like That

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO YouTube has a set of commercials from AT&T from 1993 that are titled “You Will. It’s funny, but 14 years later, all that innovation is NOT from AT&T, but from a myriad collection of start-ups (or the giants that bought them like Yahoo, Google, eBay). We have most of the innovation […]

AT&T Buys 700MHz Spectrum, Nails in the Coffin for Mobile TV

AT&T Inc. has agreed to buy 12MHz of wireless spectrum in the 700MHz band from Aloha Partners LP for $2.5 billion, which may signal Alohas exit from the wireless space. Aloha is the largest holder of 700MHz spectrum to date, covering 196 million U.S. residents in 72 of the top 100 markets in the U.S. […]

Thoughts on the FCC

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Special access pricing flexibility. Forbearance petitions. The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction rules. These are just some of the major issues facing the FCC now. (The FCC has not ruled on long ignored issues such as inter-carrier compensation, virtual-NXX, and USF reform, but has had plenty of time for indecency). I did […]

San Francisco, Chicago Muni Wi-Fi Scuttled; EarthLink on the Rocks

Municipal Wi-Fi has been dealt two more blows this week, with Chicago and San Francisco both cancelling their planned networks. In San Francisco, the city-wide Internet access plan has been the subject of ongoing and heated debate, but was awaiting final approval when EarthLink Inc. reportedly notified Mayor Gavin Newsom that it was pulling out […]

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