Billing/OSS – EBPP Usage Has One Way to Go: Up

Posted: 01/2001 Billing/OSS EBPP Usage Has One Way to Go: Up By Chris Garifo Consumer adoption of electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) has been less then thrilling. While many industry experts shrug it off as a temporary state of affairs, at least one analyst says the viability of EBPP from consumers is flawed. "It’s […]

Agency Channel: Agent Rallies for New Association

Posted: 12/2000 Agent Rallies for New Association By Tara Seals Michael Parizanski, the president of RepCom Inc. (www.repcom.net), has a dream. He envisions a nonprofit forum for agents to unite and share ideas for the good of their trade, a type of forum that does not yet exist Because of this, Parizanski is spearheading a […]

IP-Based Content Forces Changes in LEC Billing

Posted: 12/2000 IP-Based Content Forces Changes in LEC Billing By Chris Garifo It’s a wonder Bob Dylan isn’t adding a verse about LEC billing to his old song, "The Times They Are A-Changin’." With dial tone gravitating toward commodity status, service providers are looking to value-added services to provide the revenue streams that will give […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 11/2000 Stock Watch Stocks Hammered by High Energy Costs The U.S. market dropped at the end of our trading session (Sept. 15), clobbered by worries that sharply higher oil prices will eat into corporate profits. Europe’s weak single currency, the euro, added to concern about the future course of earnings. "You are going to […]

Business News – Qwest, US WEST Merger Means Changes for Channels

Posted: 09/2000 Qwest, US WEST Merger Means Changes for Channels By Tara Seals Among the necessary changes resulting from the Qwest Communications International Inc. (www.qwest.com) and US WEST merger will be a reorganization of the channel divisions.To begin with, resellers for the companies will be consolidated under Greg Casey, Qwest’s executive vice president of the […]

Going Once, Going Twice…

Posted: 08/2000 Going Once, Going Twice… Bandwidth’s on the Auction Block By Khali Henderson In early June, bandwidth trading floor RateXchange Corp. (www.ratexchange.com) conducted what is believed to be the largest online auction to date.On behalf of an unnamed carrier, the company commenced on June 7 five separate auctions of bandwidth in Europe valued at […]

Local – Western Union Unveils ‘SwiftPay’ Program

Posted: 06/2000 Western Union Unveils ‘SwiftPay’ Program Western Union introduced "SwiftPay" earlier this year to take cash payments for local prepaid service, and the money wire company feels the program has immense potential.When a consumer prepays for monthly service from a SwiftPay enrolled with a LEC, the Western Union (www.westernunion.com) agent initiates an electronic link. […]

Business News – AT&T Group’s Marriage to Net2Phone Shows Industry Strength

Posted: 05/2000 AT&T Group’s Marriage to Net2Phone Shows Industry Strength By Stacy Lane Linkmeyer marriage of “old” companies with large customer bases and revenues with a “new” firm that boasts cool technologies makes perfect sense in the constantly evolving telecommunications industry.In late March, an AT&T-led (www.att.com), consortium, comprising global partner British Telecommunications plc (www.bt.com) and […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 05/2000 What’s in a Name? Evolving Industry Demands Modifying Moniker By Khali Henderson The Board of Directors of the Telecommunica-tions Resellers Association (www.tra.org) has proposed changing the name of the eight- year-old group to the Association of Communications Enterprises.It has asked its membership to ratify the change in the expectation of unveiling it in […]

Agency Channel: Agents Need to Seek, Sell the Best, Brightest

Posted: 05/2000 Agents Need to Seek, Sell the Best, Brightest By Kathy Katcher In my business, I need to ask every day whether the telecommunications products we showcase are the best and the brightest in our industry.Obviously, if they’re not, no one will want to sell them. Agent managers won’t be able to market them. […]

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