Venicom Supplies Agents with Free BlackBerries

Master agency and Channel Partners sponsor Venicom Inc., a top T-Mobile partner and show sponsor, has a deal it is sure Channel Partners event attendees wont be able to refuse: Stop by its kiosk at the registration desk or register online for a free BlackBerry 7100T. The offer includes a hands-free headset, CD with software […]

Partner Channel: Venicom Beams Up Success with Data Focus

Posted: 1/2002 Partner Channel Venicom Beams Up Success with Data Focus By Tara Seals Venicom’s Scottsdale, Ariz. office is one of six. President and CEO Rob Goble says the company succeeds because agents do what they’re supposed to– sales and marketing. Venicom Inc. launched its trek through the universe of telecom in 1999 by catering […]

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