Riverbed Buys SDN, SD-WAN Provider

The acquisition aims to further Riverbed’s strategy to deliver next-generation, software-defined networking solutions that provide superior application performance and business agility for today’s hybrid enterprises.

Avnet Completes Acquisition of Orchestra

Orchestra provides storage-centric expertise to help its customers grow and take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in cloud computing, big data and information management.

Apple iPhone 4S: Some Customers Get It Early

The gadget doesnt officially go on sale until Friday, but some customers apparently already have what millions of smartphone fanatics around the world crave: Apples iPhone 4S.

Palm Pre 2 Makes UK, Germany Premiere

Its an exciting week for HP as it debuts the Palm Pre 2 in two more European countries. The Pre 2 is based on webOS that it acquired when it purchased Palm earlier this year.

Google, Germany Come to Terms Over Street View

Google says it will comply with Germany’s privacy concerns in order to launch its Street View in that European country. Among the requests, er, demands: Citizens may choose to have views of their homes removed before the launch. Faces, cars and homes will be blurred. Unedited photos will be erased from Google’s records. Street View […]

Skype for iPhone is Banned. Sigh.

The iPhone and Skype seem to have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Germany’s Deutsche Telecom AG—exclusive provider of the iPhone in that country via its T-Mobile unit—has made the Skype-for-iPhone application verboten on its network. Meanwhile in Canada, Skype for iPhone is being blocked for nebulous technology licensing restrictions. Meanwhile, the VoIP application launched for […]

Hacked! Wi-Fi Security Cracked, Tool to Be Released

Beware the security measures taken when it comes to Wi-Fi: From now on, “multilayer” might be the effect to go for. That’s because two researchers in Germany have cracked the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption used by wireless routers. And, they plan to issue a tool next week to help other people crack it too. […]

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