Geoff Shepstone

THEN : In 1987, Geoff Shepstone was an account executive for Harris Lanier and sold key systems as well as  the Harris 20/20 PBX. Back then, he says some businesses were still renting the Bell 1A2 phones you know, the ones with the five light-up push buttons on the front and the one-inch diameter cords. […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Expert Eye, What are your feelings on the overall viability of the telecom industry, considering the drastic cuts in spending that services such as VoIP represent? What do you recommend agents do to mitigate the risks of lost business? Predictions? Recommendations? –Geoff Shepstone, Telecom Brokerage Inc . Dear Geoff, The $300 billion telecommunications industry […]

Telecom Brokerage Partners with OPEX Communications

Telecom Brokerage Inc. (TBI) has announced a partnership with OPEX Communications Inc. (Booth 421) to provide TBI’s agent channel long-distance services for business and residential customers. Under the agreement, TBI’s agents can sell OPEX’s long distance services, including switched, and dedicated, inbound and outbound services. TBI and OPEX also will work together on future product […]

Lucent Buys Answer Nortel/Bay, Cisco Challenges

Posted: 03/1999 Lucent Buys Answer Nortel/Bay, Cisco Challenges By Ken Branson When Lucent Technologies Inc., Murray Hill, N.J., announced it would buy Ascend Communications Inc., Alameda, Calif., and Kenan Systems Corp., Cambridge, Mass., it seemed to be sliding toward a packet-switched future in which operations support systems (OSSs) and billing and customer care systems would […]

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