Posted: 05/2002 TIME MACHINES Advances in Desktop Technology Push Video Meetings Fast Forward into Future By Tara SealsTHE SPACE AGE ALWAYS WAS an unspecified era in the future, when executives would cruise around in the stratosphere. Space hotels would be destinations of choice. Also, robotic housekeepers, booster packs and video communications would be the norm. […]

Service Providers Seek Partners to Keep Pace with Rising Demand

Posted: 2/2002 Service Providers Seek Partners to Keep Pace with Rising Demand By Khali Henderson Armed with enhancements to their technology and increased awareness of its availability, conferencing service providers are putting greater emphasis — some for the first time — on channel strategies. In fall 2001, ACT Teleconferencing Inc., InterAct Conferencing and Premiere Conferencing […]

Not Your Father’s Audioconference

Posted: 2/2002 Not Your Father’s Audioconference Phone Meetings Remodeled by Automation, Online Management Functions By Khali HendersonWith the spotlight on its collaborative cousin, audioconferencing is being passed over in the headlines like car reviewers striding past the Oldsmobiles to check out the PT Cruisers.However, for conferencing customers, the appeal of the more familiar vehicle remains […]

PHONE+ Collaborate Links

Posted: 2/2002 PHONE+ Collaborate Links ACT Teleconferencing Inc. www.acttel.comCommunication Management Services www.cmstelcom.comFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGenesys Conferencing www.genesys.comGentner Conferencing www.gentner.comIDC www.idc.comInterAct Conferencing www.interactconferencing.comMeetU www.meetu.comNetwork IP www.networkip.netPremiere Conferencing www.premconf.comRaindance Communications Inc. www.raindance.comSonexis

Partner – Conferencing Up For Grabs

Posted: 07/2001 Partner Channel Conferencing Up For Grabs More and More an Important New Revenue Opportunity By Tara Seals As rising travel costs and geographic diversity make it harder than ever for management teams to maintain close contact, conferencing is becoming a ubiquitous facet of business operations and an important new revenue opportunity for service […]

Resale Channel: Resellers View Opportunity in Document Conferencing

Posted: 09/2000 Resellers View Opportunity in Document Conferencing By Josh Martin Wholesale document conferencing is about to take off. As more companies link audio and visual conferencing, the demands for data and document sharing are growing. For wholesalers, this presents a major opportunity in total revenues and bottom-line profit margins."Most audio conferencers are moving into […]

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