Your Front-Row Seat for the Future

ITS GENERALLY CONSIDERED BAD manners to toot your own horn. I say this only to offer my mother plausible deniability against potential accusations that I was not taught this life lesson. Nevertheless, I am going to do it anyway. (Sorry, Mom!) To start with, I am pleased to tell you the Channel Partners Conference and […]

Arbitration: A Double-Edged Sword

Most agreements, including most telecommunications agreements, contain language identifying the forum in which disputes will be resolved. To an everincreasing degree, telecommunications agreements require the parties to submit their disputes to arbitration. Although these provisions can be among the most important in any agreement, they are little understood, buried in the boilerplate at the end […]

Generally Speaking

Posted: 01/1999 Generally Speaking I had the good fortune to hear retired Army Gen. Colin L. Powell–courtesy of Sprint Corp.–speak at the recent Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA) conference in Orlando, Fla. Over the course of an hour, he regaled us with the many stories that make up a lifetime. His were not so different than […]

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