Resellers Gear Up for UNE-P Migration

Editor’s Note: PHONE+’s August 2004 cover story, prepared in collaboration with consulting firm The Northridge Group Inc., in advance of our jointly sponsored workshop - The Evolution of the UNE-P Provider - at the recent CompTel/ASCENT Convention + Expo, presented real-world scenarios for UNE-P migration for POTS providers. In the intervening months, some of the assumptions, market […]

Get Into High Gear

Posted: 3/2004 Get Into High Gear VoIP Calls for New Provisioning Processes By Khali Henderson As service providers launch VoIP services and anticipate quickly growing numbers of converts, they are seeking new automated processes and tools to provision services. In turn, back-office vendors are seeking to fill the void. There are several differences between provisioning […]

Industry News – APCC Puts ‘Dead’ Card Drive in High Gear

Posted: 06/2000 APCC Puts ‘Dead’ Card Drive in High Gear BY KHALI HENDERSON In its ongoing effort “to catch a thief,” the American Public Communications Council Inc. (APCC, planned to step up collection of “dead” phone cards with a campaign to amass 2,000 cards during its May trade show in Las Vegas.APCC urged members […]

Client-Server Technology Comes to Telephony Switching

Posted: 02/1999 Client-Server Technology Comes to Telephony Switching Alternative to Mainframe CO Gear Promises Lower Costs, Open Applications Development By Peter Lambert Illustration by Ben Folkertsma Just as distributed servers and client workstations replaced many bulky, centralized mainframe computers in data networks over the past decade, so distributed networks of servers, workstations and software have […]

Fiber Buildout Boom Continues

Posted: 09/1998 Fiber Buildout Boom Continues By Peter Meade Think "real estate" is the tip for the slew of long distance carriers that have made recent announcements about buildouts of their fiber optic networks. Image: Frontier "Optronics" Network Completion Schedule The market for building fiber networks has a lot of parallels with the real estate […]

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