Going Global: Agents Find New Revenue Selling International Services to MNCs

As the nation’s economy has faltered, many U.S. companies have started looking overseas both to cut costs (e.g., offshoring) and to increase growth (e.g., tap new markets). While the downturn has had an impact beyond our borders, surveys of U.S.-based multinationals indicate only a slowing of the meteoric pace of globalization that has characterized this […]

Google Android Stirs: Netbook, New Handsets Soon

The T-Mobile USA Inc. G1 handset based on Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system has so far led a lonely existence, but that’s all set to change as a flurry of Android devices will be coming to market soon. That slew of offerings will include a netbook, as well. This week HTC’s “Magic” handset, aka. […]

The Googlephone 2.0 Coming Soon?

We’re just getting used to the Google Inc. G1 handset available through T-Mobile USA, but the march of innovation is steady, apparently: Rumor has it a so-called “G2” — a new version of an Android-based handset — will be making its way to market soon. The reports come alongside the news that Google has made […]

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