How Will the Communications Industrys Indirect Channel Be Transformed in the Next 10 Years?

“Consolidation of the carriers and the individual agent will be challenged in the years to come, in that the increased complexity as the technology transitions to the data side of the house.” — Dale Stein, Co-founder, TAG National “With the continued convergence between IT and telecommunications, either the telecom agent channel or the VAR (system […]

How Will the Competitive Communications Environment Be Transformed in the Next 10 Years?

“I believe that the changes in technology will dramatically transform the competitive environment. As more carriers expand their service offerings to include IP network technology and new carriers enter the market, the competitive landscape will reach new highs. This carrier expansion will also necessarily create a new wave of acquisition opportunities over the next several […]

How Will Communications Technology Be Transformed in the Next 10 Years?

“The communications technology will continue to focus on mobility and customization for all end users. Therefore, wireless, in any network will garner attention.” — Philip Josephson, Founder, the Law Office of Philip Josephson “Technology in 10 years will be about the integration of video into daily communications. We have the beginning of this today with […]

TeliaSonera Looks to the Future

TeliaSonera International Carrier (Booth 828) is focusing on providing one IP distribution network for customers. Thats the future of telecom, according to the company, and it will change all existing business models. The wholesaler says the global Internet will be the new distribution channel for all future media and content. To that end, TeliaSonera is […]

How to Ride the Wireless Wave

In The Graduate, a neighbor tells hero Benjamin Braddock, Theres a great future in plastics. Had the movie been filmed today, Mr. McGuire instead may have uttered, Theres a great future in wireless. While theres little doubt that wireless is the wave of the future, its important to get a grip on the most important […]

VAR Resources Reaches Milestone of 15,000 Customers

VAR Resources Inc. said Monday it has reached 15,000 customers. The company, which was founded more than 17 years ago, said it has grown in providing financial solutions to the information technology sales channel. With a consultative approach to financial services, VAR Resources is able to approve more than 90 percent of all SMB transactions, […]

White House Upholds Qualcomm Handset Ban

The Bush administration upheld an import ban Monday on cell phones that contain Qualcomm Inc. chips. Wireless operators were hoping for a veto of an adverse patent ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission which has found that Qualcomm has infringed on a Broadcom patent for battery power conservation, blocking the import of tens of […]

Capital 2.0 Event Gains COMPTEL Partnership

Bringing together telcos seeking funding and the capital markets firms that have it can be a daunting task. The undertaking becomes far lighter lifting when you have a major carrier trade association aboard. xchange magazine, the creator and producer of Capital 2.0: Funding the Telco Future, has partnered with COMPTEL, whose membership includes a long […]


… On the future of the pure-play VoIP business model I dont see how far it can go there is no future. Stéphane Téral, Infonetics Research principal analyst  Its not going to be these pure-play providers who bring VoIP into the mainstream marketplace. Mike Paxton, In-Stat principal analyst for consumer services Im not sure that […]

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