Bottom Line: Smart Financing–Understanding The True Cost of Capital

Posted: 04/2000 Smart Financing–Understanding The True Cost of Capital By Steven B. Jaffee Your business plan shows a significant need for cash. Where do you go next to execute your strategy? Before you reach the bargaining table, prepare yourself:Have a well-developed business plan.It may seem obvious, but the quality of your business plan can mean […]

Where the Cash Flows

Posted: 10/1998 Where the Cash Flows Who’s Funding New Investment in Long Haul? By Gary Kim For the past two years, the big story in U.S. carrier investment has been mergers and acquisitions, especially among the larger facilities-based carriers. Since early 1997, at least $278 billion has been spent on these telecom industry mega-mergers. On […]

Digging Around in the Corporate Finance Toolbox

Posted: 01/1998 By Michael H. Wirpel Your ability to find a way to obtain an investment in your company is greater if you know how to design a deal flexibly. You can be more flexible by recognizing the different stages a company goes through and using each stage’s risk factors to tailor a deal. "Digging […]

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