Roundtable: Qwests FTTN Project

Qwests announcement that it will add $200 million to its FTTN project, which apparently wont become an IPTV network I see a convergence of you and your home, wanting multiple ways to get to video. That doesnt mean IPTV. I mean, you may want to go get something off the Internet thats live, streaming video […]

General Bandwidth Offers Solution to Migrate Legacy Services

General Bandwidth (Booth 1524) has implemented PseudoWire Emulation End-to-End (PWE3) in its G6 Universal Media Gateway, allowing service providers to migrate legacy services to new video and data packet networks, such as IPTV, FTTN and GPON. Service providers have been faced with the expensive prospect of maintaining two access networks: one legacy network that includes […]

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