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Windstream Earns Market-Share Win in VoIP, SIP Trunking

The competition for market share and ongoing market consolidation among companies in this category are driving these services ever closer to commodity status, resulting in falling prices and reduced profit margins.

Mobility and Unified Communications

In order to move the entire enterprise to tablets, it will be necessary to totally embrace the cloud, which most enterprises are reluctant to do. More pieces must fall into place before the desktop phone and PC disappear.

Hanging Up on Hosted VoIP

Customer complaints with hosted VoIP are leading a small but growing number to go back to their trusty, if old-fashioned, premises-based IP PBX.

Is VPLS the Next MPLS?

Virtual private LAN service is quickly making a name for itself as a kind of MPLS on (Ethernet) steroids. But the future of long-haul VPNs is actually closer to a hybrid of the two.

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