From Apron Strings to Purse Strings – Gen-Xer Tapped by Frontier to Invest $100 Million in Startups

Posted: 05/1999 From Apron Strings to Purse Strings Gen-Xer Tapped by Frontier to Invest $100 Million in Startups By Ken Branson Vital Signs Name: Jonathan Heiliger Title: Senior Vice President, Frontier Internet Ventures Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif. Age: 22 Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif. Education: High School Assignment: Find businesses (or ideas for businesses) that fit […]

If You Can’t Build It, Buy It … Or Borrow It

Posted: 04/1999 If You Can’t Build It, Buy It … Or Borrow It By Ken Branson ‘We just want the damn network’ and other telco Internet entry strategies. What is a telecommunications service provider to do about the Internet? Some are buying Internet service providers (ISPs) or courting them as customers. All are struggling to […]

Wholesalers Give Resellers ‘Backstage Passes’

Posted: 04/1999 Wholesalers Give Resellers ‘Backstage Passes’ By Khali Henderson Forget front-row seats. Wholesale carriers are giving resellers increasing "behind-the-scenes" access to their operational support systems (OSSs) via the World Wide Web. While underlying carriers have long interfaced with their resale customers electronically to process batch orders and deliver call detail records (CDRs), their newer, […]

Calling Card Management the Cyber Way

Posted: 04/1999 Calling Card Management the Cyber Way By Jennifer Knapp Postpaid calling card providers have begun using online capabilities to streamline business functions such as product management, customer service and billing, while realizing increased profit margins at the same time. Through cybermanagement, carriers, their resale customers and end users now are able to view […]

Lucent Buys Answer Nortel/Bay, Cisco Challenges

Posted: 03/1999 Lucent Buys Answer Nortel/Bay, Cisco Challenges By Ken Branson When Lucent Technologies Inc., Murray Hill, N.J., announced it would buy Ascend Communications Inc., Alameda, Calif., and Kenan Systems Corp., Cambridge, Mass., it seemed to be sliding toward a packet-switched future in which operations support systems (OSSs) and billing and customer care systems would […]

Frontier Reinventing Itself … Again

Posted: 11/1998 Frontier Reinventing Itself … Again By Ken Branson "We’re a 100-year-old telecommunications company celebrating its first anniversary," says Joesph P. Clayton, the new president and CEO of Rochester, N.Y.-based Frontier Corp. Frontier, which sprang from the venerable Rochester Telephone Company, is in the midst of a transition, which began roughly at the time […]

AT&T-BT Venture Adopts Carriers’ Carrier Strategy

Posted: 09/1998 AT&T-BT Venture Adopts Carriers’ Carrier Strategy By Khali Henderson As part of their global venture, AT&T Corp. and British Telecommunications PLC (BT) have announced plans to become "the industry’s pre-eminent ‘carriers’ carrier,’ providing wholesale transborder services to telecommunications companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) around the world. Despite AT&T’s poor reputation among domestic […]

Fiber Buildout Boom Continues

Posted: 09/1998 Fiber Buildout Boom Continues By Peter Meade Think "real estate" is the tip for the slew of long distance carriers that have made recent announcements about buildouts of their fiber optic networks. Image: Frontier "Optronics" Network Completion Schedule The market for building fiber networks has a lot of parallels with the real estate […]

People on the Move

Posted: 01/1998 People on the Move I-Bus announced Larry Willes has been appointed Asia/Pacific Sales Manger. Willes will oversee all sales activity for I-Bus in this region. He has extensive background in sales, sales management, business development, marketing and customer service, and joins I-Bus from Tokyo-based Asian Sources Media Group. Asa Hellsten and Robin Tobias […]

Global Initiatives

Posted: 09/1997 Global Initiatives Latin America: A New Frontier for Those with Time and Energy By Jason Gursky While there still exist many profitable opportunities for carriers and resellers in the U.S. market, many are discovering that overseas markets offer larger growth rates for revenues and profits. For example, AT&T, MCI, Global One, WorldCom, ACC, […]

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