Frontier to Follow FairPoints Footsteps?

Since FairPoint Communications Inc. acquired the Verizon landline business in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in March 2008, a few channel partners have expressed disappointment with the way the transition of the indirect channel occurred. Loretta Roby, founder and president of Caleidoscope Communications, one of only seven Platinum Verizon agents nationally, brought a lawsuit against […]

Frontier, Qwest, Level 3 Open Telecom Debt Markets?

The Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service is taking a more positive view of telecom as certain leading companies raise more money from the debt markets than anticipated. S&P analysts this week affirmed ratings on Frontier Communications (FTR), Level 3 Communications Inc. (LVLT) and Qwest Communications International Inc. (Q) That news came after each provider secured better loans from […]

Big Sky Sales

SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER. Not just for mankind, but increasingly for telecom, too. Its a big sky up there, and satellite could represent big opportunity for agents and VARs looking to boldly go where few channel partners have gone before. Satellite faces a legacy of slow connection speeds and iffy quality for real-time applications, explains […]

EFF Accuses AT&T of Helping Government Spy on Americans

The nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) yesterday filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T Inc., accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and impinging on its customers privacy by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) to wiretap and data-mine communications. AT&T refused to comment on the lawsuit. The document makes a number of allegations […]

Whats Next for Long-Distance Resellers?

IN THE LATE 80S, LONG-DISTANCE resellers were among the first to strike out into a newly competitive galaxy, ultimately settling the planet of the 20- cent Long-Distance Minute and doing very well. Now, atmospheric forces far beyond their control have made living conditions there less habitable. The 20-cent minute has become the 2-cent minute, alternative […]

EmergeCore Partners With Frontier Communications

In a move to make SOHO business networking as easy as a phone call to a local ISP, EmergeCore Networks (Booth 1364) of Boise, Idaho, announces its first national incumbent telecommunications provider agreement today with Frontier Communications. Effective immediately, Frontier will provide EmergeCores award-winning IT IN A BOX, an all-in-one network appliance, as a value-added […]

Prepaid VoIP: The Final FrontierPrepaid VoIP: The Final Frontier

Posted: 11/2000 Prepaid VoIP: The Final Frontier Enhanced Services Bring Prepaid into the Future By Tara Seals Prepaid providers have been chugging along in their earthbound, PSTN-switched way since calling cards emerged in the early 1990s. But things appear ready to change. In the last year, VoIP technology has appeared in the market. The result […]

Business News – Global Crossing Issues GlobalCenter Tracking Stock

Posted: 09/2000 Global Crossing Issues GlobalCenter Tracking Stock By Ken Branson Global Crossing Ltd. ( has filed a statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( in preparation for issuing a tracking stock for its GlobalCenter Inc. ( Internet service and web-hosting unit.During the spring, Global Crossing announced it was considering offering GlobalCenter as a […]

Regulatory News – Frontier Won’t Let Dead Dogs Lie; Appeals Ruling

Posted:  06/2000 Frontier Won’t Let Dead Dogs Lie; Appeals Ruling By Kim Sunderland Frontier Communications Services Inc. ( filed an appeal with a Washington federal court seeking to overturn an FCC ( decision that could cost the IXC tens of millions of dollars.Frontier wants the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ( to […]

Williams to Deploy Packet Switches for EnhancedWholesale Services

Posted: 02/2000 Williams to Deploy Packet Switches for Enhanced Wholesale Services In an effort to extend its menu of wholesale services to include not only fiber capacity but all enhanced voice and data services, emerging carriers’ carrier Williams Communications Group ( agreed to a $20-million purchase of packet telephony switches from Sonus Networks Inc. ( […]

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