Dont Invite Facebook Friends, Buy Them!

Don’t have as many friends as you’d like? Not enough people looking at your wall on Facebook? An Australian marketing company has the answer to your problem. It will sell you some new friends. uSocial will help you attract 1,000 new friends for $177. If you’re the real social butterfly – but if you were, […]

Go Upstream My Friends

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Here in Atlanta for the start of the six-week fall conference run. Microcorp’s One-on-One, Channel Partners, Round Table, COMPTEL, ISPCON, then VON (throw VoiceCon and INTEROP in there as well). Yep, Atlanta to New Jersey to NOLA to Dallas to San Jose to Boston. Whew! Anyway, here in Atlanta the theme […]

Fishing for Finance

After some slow years, private money again is fueling the communications sector. Its a breeze for the big-name companies to score funding, yet not so simple for lesser-known providers or resellers. Plus, if you dont want more than $10 million, major investment banks and venture capitalists wont even look at you. So what do you […]


The next time you dial a call center, theres a chance youll talk with a disabled American veteran working from home. Thanks to the alliance between the nonprofit group Creating Opportunites by Recognizing Abilities and telemarketing company West Corp., more than 260 veterans now are employed as contracted agents, setting their own schedules and telecommuting […]

Is Bigger Better?

Theres a scene in the animated movie Iron Giant where the 50-foot-tall, metal-eating extraterrestrial robot is blown apart. Each arm, leg, nut and bolt has a homing beacon that recalls them back to the machines head and body, allowing it to rebuild anew. This same thing seems to be happening in the telecom industry with […]

Mobile Phone Users Seek Family, Friends through New Web Site

A provider of wireless content today launched to help provide mobile phone subscribers with information on loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina. The site, created by Seattle-based GetLisa Information Services Inc., offers online information to people who do not have Internet access. It works by letting people post information about missing friends and family. […]

Special Report: A Tribute to Fallen Friends

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections A Tribute to Fallen Friends General Telecom (GT) will never be the same. GT, with headquarters on the 83rd floor of One World Trade Center, lost 13 employees after a plane commandeered by terrorists crashed into the tower on Sept. 11, collapsing the 110-story building. That more lives […]

The Letter – Coming Home

Posted: 10/2001 The Letter Coming Home As we send this issue of PHONE+ to print, we have watched our nation experience the worst terrorist attack of all time. The cost – in lives and dollars – has not yet been tallied, but one thing is for sure: It is too much.It so happens that I, […]

A Friend in Need or a Friend in Greed?

Posted: 05/2000 A Friend in Need or a Friend in Greed?A friend, I am told, is worth more than pure gold.Popeye, “Popeye the Sailor Man”In a recent coincidence, Popeye’s reference to pure gold could be interpreted to mean shares of stock at exactly the right time.Reported profits in shares of “friends and family” stock the […]

With Friends Like These

Posted: 02/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL With Friends Like These By Ernie Kelly, President, Telecommunications Resellers Association Imagine you are an entrepreneur involved in efforts to open up telecom markets. Your plan is to introduce advanced technological developments and innovative marketing techniques that have been effective in the United States into countries whose markets have never really […]

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