BelAir Aids VAR Entry Into Muni Market

Outdoor wireless access is moving beyond the concept of free Internet for all, and it is being positioned as a way U.S. municipalities can transform government and enhance public safety while still providing a public service. With more than $3 billion to be spent over the next four years to build and operate public mesh […]

How Competitive Carriers Are Affected by the Megamergers

The FCC and DOJ this week approved the mergers of SBC-AT&T and Verizon-MCI, opening a new chapter in the history of this industry. To get the FCCs green light, these industry giants agreed to offer naked DSL, backbone peering, and net neutrality, and freeze special access and UNE rates. (For more on these issues and […]

FCC Planning Wholesale Rate Freeze

The FCC is planning to freeze for six months the wholesale phone rates telecommunications companies such as Talk America and MCI pay to BellSouth Corp., Qwest Communications International Inc., SBC Communications Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. charge for access to their local networks after a federal appeals court rejected contentious rules the commission released last […]

Is Jamming Being Used To Stop Slamming?

Posted: 06/1999 Is Jamming Being Used To Stop Slamming? By Kim Sunderland While AT&T Corp. alleges Denver-based US WEST Inc. is jamming, the Bell countercharges that the long distance giant is slamming. It’s a convoluted mess that’s likely to come before state and federal lawmakers for a resolution. On one hand, AT&T estimates that as […]

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