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Former Verizon Exec Joins McGraw

John C. Maguire has been named director of operations for McGraw Communications Inc. Maguire has 11 years of telecommunications experience with Verizon Communications. While with Verizon, he held both national and regional positions in operations planning and process assurance. Maguire played an integral role in the alignment of process, implementation and adherence involved in the […]

Agent: A Dying Breed?

By Frank Ahearn, CEO, McGraw Communications Whatever happened to the traditional agent? You know, the one that was well versed in the technology they were representing, hard working, honest and had the customers best interest in mind. In my opinion agents are a dying breed. Not that there arent any out there but, they are […]

Quantifying the Impact of UNE-P Deregulation

For the first time, the impact of UNE-P deregulation is becoming quantifiable. New data are showing what we all now know — that few CLECs operate on a resale ba-sis, choosing either commercial agreements or their own facilities to replace the preferred competitive model of the late 90s. A December 2007 FCC report on local […]

Reseller Roundtable 2008

McGraws Frank Ahearn McGraws John Cunningham TMCs Ron Ireland AireSprings Daniel Lonstein PowerNet Globals Michael McLelan TNCIs Brian Twomey Resale has been a catalyst for competition in the communications market for more than 20 years. It helped to alter the landscape by bringing lower prices, multilocation billing and diverse routing to long-distance for ever-smaller businesses. […]

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