It’s All About the Applications

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO After flying back from Channel Partners, I hit Miami Beach for the Voice Peering Fabric Forum. About 200 high-level execs from companies on the VPF attended. (For those that don’t know, the VPF is a network for VoIP minute exchange, ENUM and CLEC services in an ASP model, such as E-911, […]

Cramer Snags New Customers

Cramer, a developer of OSS software, said at TeleManagement World in France this week that Frances Completel and Swedens Teracom, a broadcast television and radio operator, both have deployed the Cramer6 OSS Suite. Completel is using Cramers software to offer triple-play services. The company offers fiber-based telecom services to enterprises, government and wholesale carriers. Building […]

Agilent Releases assureME Portfolio

Agilent Technologies Inc. has released its new assureME portfolio, which manages the network, services and the customer experience. The first two components are assureME-Roamer and assureME-Corporate. The company made the announcement at TeleManagement World in Nice, France. “We’ve found that the majority of customer-reported problems were handset configuration issues, rather than network faults, so customer […]

AOL in France Looks to Axiom for OSS Support

AOL in France has chosen Axiom Systems to help it design and deliver IP and broadband services, the companies announced on Tuesday at TeleManagement World in Nice, France. AOL, assisted by Inoven for the program management and Accenture, will use Axioms AXIOSS platform for OSS functions to support applications and shorten the time between new […]

Voyence Releases Virtual Design Workspace

Voyence on Monday announced the availability of its Virtual Design Workspace feature. The tool automates design configuration and compliance testing in software for network devices, the company said at TeleManagement World in Nice, France. The Virtual Design Workspace enables role-based security, verified change automation, and multilevel workflows for secure collaboration in a virtual design environment. […]

WealthTV Channel Added to IPTVComplete

WealthTV, a high-definition lifestyle and entertainment network, today announced at TELECOM 05 that it has signed an affiliation agreement with Eagle Broadband to add the channel to the IPTVComplete lineup. IPTBComplete is the turnkey video platform for service providers offered by Eagle Broadband and France Telecom subsidiary GlobeCast. Eagle Broadband will offer WealthTV in digital […]

Interoute to Acquire VIA NET.WORKS

Interoute Communications Ltd., the privately held owner and operator of the i-21 voice and data network in Europe, plans to buy VIA NET.WORKS Inc. for $18.1 million.VIA provides communication technologies to small and medium enterprises in Europe and the United States.Interoute is looking to VIA for its PSINet Europe operations in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland […]

International Traffic Changes Lanes

Posted: 1/2004 International Traffic Changes Lanes By Khali Henderson The wholesale international termination business is far different from the days of bilateral agreements between incumbent operators. These deals do exist and remain the foundation for worldwide traffic exchange, but the introduction of mobile and VoIP players are changing the landscape not only the sources for […]

Carrier Channel: Europe’s Carriers: Are They Here to Stay?

Posted: 07/2002 Europe’s Carriers: Are They Here to Stay? By Josh Long THE U.S. CARRIER MARKET COULD be summed up in one word: cutthroat. Yet that hasn’t stopped Europeans from operating networks in a country that routes most of the world’s Internet traffic. In fact, France Telecom is getting its sales force settled in after […]

Business News – France Marches into U.S with Global One-Intermedia Deal

Posted: 08/2000 France Marches into U.S with Global One-Intermedia Deal By Ken Branson Global One ( has chosen Intermedia Communications Inc. ( to be its local legs in the United States. The two companies have signed a three-year agreement, under which they will collaborate to provide enterprise data and IP network services to U.S. customers.In […]

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