Posted: 3/2004 Mobile Mini-Movies Attendees at this months CTIA Wireless 2004 conference in Atlanta can view entries into the second annual The Worlds Smallest Film Festival. Sponsored by Los Angeles-based Big- Digit Inc., the festival was introduced last year to showcase very short films (no longer than 2 minutes), animation and music videos on mobile […]

Get Plugged In: Wholesale Forum to Stir Debate

Topics at todays General Session Wholesale Executive Forum are likely to run the gamut from discussions of VoIP to carrier issues to the regulatory climate to CLEC consolidation. To echo moderator Judy Reed Smith, CEO of Atlantic-ACM, the debates promise to be interesting and maybe "we can get some good controversy going." Reed Smith says […]

It’s a New Year for DSL Resale

Posted: 1/2004 It’s a New Year for DSL Resale Application Bundles Promise Fresh Direction for 2004 By Tara Seals New Years resolution No. 1: I resolve to add enhanced applications to my DSL broadband service offering. Resolution No. 2: I resolve to tap a viable market for my bundle. Resolution No. 3: I resolve to […]

Collaborative: industry news

Posted: 08/2002 Under Old Management: ECI Resurrected By Josh Long Graham Sampson CEO, ECI Conference Call Services Teligent Inc. executives ousted Graham Sampson from the company’s conferencing unit last year as the fixed wireless carrier planned to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. Sampson, the chairman and CEO of ECI Conference Call Services, says he […]

Business News – It’s a DSL Life,Forum Campaign Says

Posted: 06/2000 It’s a DSL Life,Forum Campaign Says DSL Forum (, a nonprofit organization of more than 300 global telecommunications industry leaders and service and equipment providers, unveiled its Mindshare Awareness Campaign promoting the benefits of DSL technology.According to the DSL Forum, the campaign’s theme, “Say Hello to DSL,” sends consumers the message that “DSL […]

Packet Tax Myths and Truths

Posted: 01/2000 Packet Tax Myths and Truths By Charlotte Wolter Every time an ATM network transmits data, it does so in a 53-byte packet called a cell, which includes a five-byte header of routing and payload information. Those five small bytes, the "ATM tax" as its detractors (mostly Internet protocol [IP] partisans) term it, have […]

Business News – MSF Reports Strong Progress on VoATM and VoIP

Posted: 10/1999 MSF Reports Strong Progress on VoATM and VoIP The Multiservice Switching Forum (MSF) says it has surpassed its goals for organizational growth and progress toward defining an architecture that will allow one network–based on Internet protocol (IP) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)–to support multiple services. In an announcement this summer, MSF reported that […]

It’s Not Just Technology

Posted: 06/1999 It’s Not Just Technology Of MCI WorldCom Inc.’s total cost to deliver one minute of voice service, only 6 percent is transport and switching; nearly twice that (11 percent) is attributable to billing and operations support systems (OSSs). This revelation, made by Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer John Sidgmore, speaking before a […]

Agreeing to Agree

Posted: 06/1998 Agreeing to Agree Interoperability Moves Forward in the Smart Card Marketplace By Jennifer Knapp The Global Chip Card Alliance (GCA) recently signed on 10 new member companies, including Citicorp, the parent company of Citibank; Siemens AG; Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals, a business unit of Schlumberger Ltd.; VeriFone Inc.; Mondex USA; and Protel […]

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