Round Table

Posted: 8/2003 … ON GLOBAL CROSSING’S PROPOSAL TO SELL A MAJORITY STAKE IN THE BANKRUPT FIRM TO SINGAPORE TECHNOLOGIES TELEMEDIA PTE. "Global Crossing’s prolonged bankruptcy and dwindling cash reserves are expected to result in continued erosion of its customer base unless an alternative offer is put in place." –Brian Oliver, executive vice president of strategy […]

Chinese Companies Look Abroad

Over the last few years, tech giants, including the world’s largest telecommunications equipment makers, have aimed to establish or expand relationships in a country where the majority of people still don’t own a phone: China. Despite remarkable growth in a country that feeds about four times as many people — 1.3 billion mouths — as […]

Carrier Channel: Swisscom Management Buyout

Posted: 1/2003 Swisscom Management Buyout: Will other PTTs follow? By Josh Long EXECUTIVES OF WHOLESALE CARRIER Swisscom North America reported more frequently to their Swiss parent company in recent years, a process some people say can stymie U.S. managers working for government-controlled PTTs and one that threatens to foil time-sensitive opportunities. That is no longer […]

Regulatory News – IXCs, Competitive Carriers Relish More ‘Democratic’ Senate

Posted: 08/2001 Regulatory News IXCs, Competitive Carriers Relish More ‘Democratic’ Senate By Kim Sunderland When the Democrats took over the U.S. Senate ( in the wake of Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords’ resignation from the Republican Party earlier this summer, the nation’s IXCs and other competitive telecom carriers thanked the senator and their lucky stars.With new […]

Foreign Carriers Try to Crack the U.S. Market

Posted: 03/2000 Foreign Carriers Try to Crack the U.S. Market The United States, whose citizens like to call their country the land of opportunity, has become the land of necessity for international telecom carriers. "It has been the case for a decade or more that any carrier around the world who wants to be a […]

FCC Eases International Settlements Regulation

Posted: 06/1999 FCC Eases International Settlements Regulation By Kim Sunderland he Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved sweeping reform of the international settlements policy, deregulating settlement arrangements between U.S. carriers and foreign nondominant carriers on competitive routes. In a Report & Order adopted April 15 in Docket No. IB-98-148, the FCC unanimously approved lifting international […]

High Court Rests on FCC’s Interconnection Order

Posted: 03/1999 High Court Rests on FCC’s Interconnection Order By Kim Sunderland Clearly, the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in AT&T Corp. et al v. Iowa Utilities Board et al bodes well for competitors vying for a slice of the local telephone market. But there’s a catch, as there always is, and […]

The Rules Have Changed

Posted: 10/1998 The Rules Have Changed By Khali Henderson The international wholesale buy-sell game is being changed by PTT players, plummenting prices and inconsitant quality. It used to be that a U.S. reseller knew who he was buying international termination from. Today, it’s not so clear. International long distance capacity is often resold three and […]

Got Minutes? Prepaid Calling Helps Generate Traffic Across Foreign Waters

Posted: 04/1998 By Jennifer Knapp It has been more than a year since the World Trade Association (WTO) completed the Basic Telecommunications Agreement (BTA), which has set the pace for international telecom deregulation. With more than 70 governments signed on under the BTA, it is news to almost no one that foreign telecom competition is […]

With Friends Like These

Posted: 02/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL With Friends Like These By Ernie Kelly, President, Telecommunications Resellers Association Imagine you are an entrepreneur involved in efforts to open up telecom markets. Your plan is to introduce advanced technological developments and innovative marketing techniques that have been effective in the United States into countries whose markets have never really […]

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