Ford Announces Major In-Car Tech Upgrade

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — And you thought Herbie the Love Bug was cool. Ford announced upgrades to its SYNC in-car technology system in a keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today. It’s called MyFord Touch. The technology promises to bring Web browsing, social networking and more to the vast majority of […]

Wireless for Your Car: The Future Is Now

The Web has been around just about long enough for us to start asking ourselves, “What did we do before the Internet?” In 20 years or so, we might wonder, “How did we survive without TV and the Web in our vehicles?” Ford started offering Web access as an option in some of its trucks […]

Agency Channel: Master Agent Streamlines the Henry Ford Museum

Posted: 11/2000 Master Agent Streamlines the Henry Ford Museum By Tara Seals Master agent and consulting firm Telecom Holdings Inc. ( DS-1 circuit, and showed the true power of an agent lies in relationships. According to Paul McAninch, vice president of operations at Telecom Holdings, the Henry Ford Museum was attracted initially to the "Telecom […]

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