Telcombrokers Floats Franchise Model

As agent programs go, there are many variations on the theme, but one company is borrowing a model from the retail industry and creating a franchise option for agents. Telcombrokers, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based agency, has had an informal franchise model for several years with a few agents that otherwise would have been subagents. Now, […]

Session Floats Options for VoIP Migration

Moving from UNE-P to a VoIP model will be no small task for competitive service providers, so CompTel/ASCENT today presented a session on various options and considerations for CLECs as they make this transition. The panelists on the Migration: Its Not For the Birds session included John Hickey, vice president and general manager for competitive […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Time Warner Cable Floats on SkyRiver

Posted: 5/2003 Time Warner Cable Floats on SkyRiver By Khali Henderson Time Warner Cable will supplement its fiber optic and cable broadband network with broadband wireless access from SkyRiver Communications Inc. in the San Diego area — a move that more and more broadband service providers are considering as a way to increase margins and […]

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