Jack Grubman Is Not Alone

Jack B. Grubman, Wall Street’s lionized telecom analyst during the 1990s, is under government scrutiny for his bullish ratings of communications giants that subsequently went belly up. Many industry observers, including senior analysts at market research firms, say Grubman is not the only Wall Street analyst who championed now-questionable companies in an industry that has […]

Carrier Channel: Early Bird Gets E-Worm

Posted: 06/2000 Early Bird Gets E-Worm By Casey Freymuth The telecommunications sector is a permanent member of the Internet community. Hence, Internet services offerings are logical business extensions for telecommunications players, as is evinced in the Internet access and hosting initiatives of players..As the world’s businesses adapt and evolve with Internet and electronic commerce applications, […]

Avoid Overexposure with Credit Risk Management

Posted: 12/1998 Avoid Overexposure with Credit Risk Management By Dave Nestler and Liz Titan In North America, unparalleled choice in telecommunications services has caused bad-debt rates to soar to between $5 billion to $6 billion annually. Increased credit risk exposure looms for many firms as bundling ever more services creates the potential to double, triple […]

Making the Vertical Leap

Posted: 12/1998 Making the Vertical Leap By Robert Rosenberg Growth opportunities in tele-communications have shifted from providing commodity services to customized services, such as asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and packet-based bandwidth on demand. New technologies have transformed the telecommunications business model, which traditionally emphasized horizontal services and carrier control of networks, to a vertical focus […]

Agent Channel

Posted: 12/1997   Agent Channel A No-Brainer By Gary Kim Want to bet on a sure thing? Bet that the agent channel will continue to grow in importance as the entire telecommunications business gets more competitive. Keep the emphasis on channel. Just as supermarkets are a channel for a wide variety of products sold to […]

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