Software as a Service: Hot or Hype?

Software as a service (SaaS) is the latest buzz, but can agents be successful adding these hosted applications to their portfolios? SaaS refers to applications delivered over the Internet via a standard Web interface. SaaS providers offer their applications on a pay-as-you-go basis, often with per-month, per-user pricing. SaaS has strong growth potential, with 5.1 […]

Avaya Inks Merger Agreement With Private Firms

Rumors were laid to rest late Monday as Avaya Inc. announced it has accepted a private equity buyout deal worth about $8.2 billion. The buyers Silver Lake LP and TPG Inc. will pay $17.50 per share for the Basking Ridge, N.J., equipment maker. Investors said their firms looked to Avaya in part for its leadership […]

Vinculum Communications Launches Reseller Partner Program

Vinculum Communications Inc., a provider of bundled Internet phone services, today announced the launch of its reseller partner program that targets established interconnects, Internet service providers, systems integrators and telecommunications carriers. Selected VoIP resellers to this program will help expand the companys efforts to market its VinTalk hosted IP Centrex platform to SMBs worldwide. Our […]

Charging Midfield

A NUMBER OF LEADING TELEPHONE system manufacturers are addressing capacity and migration needs of growing businesses by adding new, larger platforms to existing families of business telephony systems. Distributed work environments with branch offices and remote  workers continue to be the workplace trend, and manufacturers are responding with telephony systems for SMBs. However, database publisher […]

PAETEC Targeting Financial Industry

PAETEC Communications Inc. announced this week teaming up with Mitel, a Canada-based telecom equipment supplier, to sell IP phone systems to equity firms, hedge funds and other members of the financial industry requiring trading capabilities. In addition to cutting costs for the financial industry, the communications systems will eliminate the need to store shelves upon […]

The Rise of the Professional Services Agency

Posted: 12/2003 The Rise of the Professional Services Agency Part Agency, Part Consultancy, Hybrid Firms are Taking a Piece of the Midmarket By Khali Henderson A new type of company has emerged from the telecom bust of 2000. Its services include business continuity planning, traffic analysis, least-cost routing implementation, RFP creation, proposal consolidation, customer service […]

Soap Box: You Can’t Keep a Good Competitor Down

Posted: 5/2003 You Can’t Keep a Good Competitor Down By Walt Blackwell I have been president of the Association for Communications Enterprises (ASCENT) for nearly a year now and it’s been an exciting yet demanding time. In particular, I have enjoyed the challenge of understanding the telecommunications industry from the perspective of our members, which […]

Does Wall Street Want the Sun toset on Local Phone Competition?

Posted: 2/2003 special report Does Wall Street Want the Sun to set on Local Phone Competition? FINANCIAL ANALYSTS AND THE INSTITUTIONS that support them are staunchly in favor of removing the UNE-P in order to create business opportunities with the Bells and establish certainty in the marketplace, some observers say. Critics who support the UNE-P […]

Wall Street to Reform Analyst Conflicts

Aiming to close one of the darkest chapters in the history of Wall Street, federal and state regulators announced a $1.4 billion settlement agreement Friday with the largest brokerage firms to penalize them for bogus ratings and separate future research from investment banking opportunities. The agreement has not been finalized and requires the approval of […]

Reshaping Your Business for Survival

Posted: 11/2002 Reshaping Your Business for Survival By Casey Freymuth WE’VE ALL SEEN THE ARTICLES ON SURVIVING an economic downturn. The first wave appeared in early 2001. Bullish experts told us not to sweat it — that the sky was not falling, and telecom and tech companies shouldn’t forego long-term growth strategies for a short-term […]

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